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Vulnerability management is considered a security best practice defensive measure to protect against today's threats. Nexpose is the only vulnerability management solution to analyse vulnerabilities, controls, and configurations to find the who, what, and where of IT security risk. It uses Real Context, Real Risk, and the attacker’s mind set to prioritize and drive risk reduction.


How secure are we? What do we need to do first to improve? These are questions organizations around the world are asking themselves – with good reason. ControlsInsight helps you begin to answer them by assessing how well you’re protecting one of the most vulnerable parts of your environment: the endpoints. Using an advanced threat model based on the SANS Top 20, the Australian DSD and our own decades of experience, we give you a view into the current state of your security, a prioritized action plan with detailed instructions designed for your IT team, and the ability to track your progress over time.


Rapid7 UserInsight is the most effective solution for detecting and investigating attacks leveraging compromised credentials, user impersonation and lateral attacker movement. It’s the only solution that can detect breaches across on premise, cloud and mobile environments with the innate analytics to detect the changes in behaviour that can signal an attack.


As your employees bring in the latest and greatest smartphones and tablets to access company data, this device diversity presents a challenge for you to determine their trustworthiness. Mobilisafe is the only mobile risk management solution that automatically performs a mobile risk assessment of all the devices in your organization and provides easy- to-use tools to eliminate these risks.

Sophos Anti-virus

Sophos Endpoint Antivirus is a well-known and reliable antivirus solution. Sophos Antivirus offers on premises deployment or in the cloud. Sophos Antivirus allows for monitoring of the endpoints from a central console where all actions can be performed and pushed down to the endpoints. Sophos Antivirus offers built in host based intrusion prevention system (HIPS), application control and device management to name a few. Sophos Antivirus is compatible with Windows, Linux, Unix and Mac. Sophos Live protection connects to SophosLabs for the latest threats intelligence leaving your endpoints reliably up to date with the latest definitions. Please contact us for a quote or any queries you might have.


Whether you need to deploy an Enterprise Firewall or a UTM device for your small business, We have a range of Physical or virtual appliances to fit your unique Network Security requirements.

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