We provide a range of managed security services for cloud or customer premise environments. Through ongoing consultation and collaboration we can assist in making informed decisions on your ICT security implementation, mitigation and policy management. Our managed services are tailored to meet each of our customer’s specific needs.

Our services include.
Environment Review

Employing our insight into systems and how they communicate we will assist you in securing your infrastructure. We will assist in ensuring both your current and future planned ICT environment complies with your company’s security policies. We provide ongoing architecture analysis.

Host and Endpoint Review

We will identify and resolve risk exposure in your host and endpoint configurations, applications, and firmware. We monitor for system weaknesses.

System configurations are compared to best practices.

Threat analysis review

Threat analysis allows us to provide you with a way of prioritising your risk. We will assist in identifying all of your risks - not just the perceived risk. We will evaluate the potential business impact and likelihood of compromise. We will advise on the appropriate level of risk mitigation.

Centralised log monitoring and reporting

We provide deep traffic and endpoint analysis. We implement a log retention policy with automatic grandfathering and clean-up rules.

Mobile device Management (BYOD)

In a modern ICT environment any mobile device connected to your network poses a possible risk. Our mobile managed services allows us to monitor and mitigate the possible risk that these mobile devices may present.

Firewall and UTM management

Our managed security solutions include best-in-breed adaptive security that fits any environment; from small businesses to large enterprises.

End-user Education

The changing IT landscape often leaves end-users unaware and uninformed to the risks to which they are exposed. We educate end- users in best practices, and inform end-users as to why best practices are needed in order to give them the knowledge and skill to recognise potential threats when encountered.

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